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error with demo on

age demo did not work for me on a macbook pro. safari

Thanks for reporting. Do you encounter the issue on Chrome as well? The problem probably relates to HTML5 media capture.  Do you see any errors in your browser console related to that? FYI the demos are quick widgets to showcase simple usage. So far they haven't been tested for cross compatibility across different operating systems and browsers. well aim for that next and we'll try to reproduce and fix this error on our side.

@Andrew please let us know what you encounter by looking at the browser console. So far we haven't been able to reproduce your issue (demos run the Macs we test on just fine, Safari and Chrome).

@Andrew, I can help you with the issue, base on your screenshot, it doesn't seem like any code issue directly related to the age demo. Have you checked your browser version? 

MediaRecorder is not supported by older Safari browser. Please check link below for detail.

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